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Adding Depth to Your Small Home

Are you tired of looking at the same four walls in your tiny city apartment? Small homes certainly have their perks but they can admittedly start to wear on you after awhile. Don’t let your small abode get you down, though, here five tricks for adding depth to your space!Use color

1. Use Color

That’s right. Use color. While people living in small spaces are often afraid that color will make them feel claustrophobic, in fact, when used right, a pop of color can make a room feel much more spacious. Paint adjoining rooms different colors. By differentiating between them, it actually makes your house look bigger. Not ready to commit to paint? Try some colorful removable wallpaper instead. It’s fast, easy, and comes down without a hassle!

 2. Opt for subtle texture

If you prefer a neutral palette, use subtly patterned wallpaper with colors that are similar to one another. Try this light blue and almond polka dot print in your kitchen or entryway, and see how much bigger your room will feel

 3. Try stripes

It may sound bold, but vertical and horizontal stripes can actually make narrow rooms appear to be bigger than they are. Dress your room up with this Stripe Sorbet removable wallpaper and then add some simple, elegant furniture and fun, colorful accents items.

4. Connect your color scheme

Make sure that the colors you choose make sense throughout your room. Using a dramatically different color on your walls than on your floor will make the room feel disjointed and small. The choice of blue flooring with this beautiful quatrefoil removable wallpaper allows the colors of the floor and walls to be connected to one another, making the room feel more fluid and spacious.

 5. Add Mirrors

Finally, this one doesn’t have anything to do with your walls; it’s about what you put on them. Well-positioned mirrors work like magic, creating the illusion of depth with very little effort. Create a decorative array of mirrors mid-way up your wall, or place a large floor length mirror in the room, and add one more place to check your outfit before you walk out the door!


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