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Puppy Love: Dog Balloon Birthday Wall Decals and other Canine Curiosities

Having waited in line at numerous family festivals and kids fairs to spend 15 seconds with a balloon-twisting clown, I know the magnetism that animal balloons have for little children.  Heck, why bring age into it? I’m blown away by how a thin latex tube can instantly be transformed into giraffes, lions, party hats, etc. In case you missed it, …

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Forget Politics: Tea Party Birthday Wall Stickers will charm girls everywhere

We’re apolitical here at WallCandy Arts — we fervently believe that the children of Democrats and the children of Republicans will equally enjoy the restickability and imaginative play elements of all our removable wall stickers and chalkboard decals. So while the country is focused on the conservative Tea Party clash with establishment Republicans, we’ve decided to celebrate a more universal, …

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