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Julian Beever At Copenhagen1

Extreme Decorating: The Amazing 3D Chalk Art of Julian Beever

(Note: “Extreme Decorating” is an ongoing series in which WallCandy Dad goes beyond removable wall decals and explores unusual and over-the-top decorating ideas tried in homes, restaurants, hotels, businesses, tourist destinations and public spaces. We all get decoration inspiration from different places, as it is a reflection of our tastes and personalities). I love chalk art. I’m kicking myself for …

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A Peel-and-Stick Gift Guide to Soothing Those Back-to-School Blues

Time and time again, we’ve found that the only antidotes against the end-of-August blues are back-to-school supplies or, if college is the destination, back-to-school supplies underneath a mountain of fresh dorm room décor. Summer camp is over and sleeping in day after day might be a thing of the past, but little learners and undergrads alike can get a hearty …

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Bunk Decor for the Classic or Contemporary Summer Camp Experience

As August begins to pick up speed, kids country-wide are preparing for the only thing more bittersweet than starting a new school year – preparing to leave for one final session at summer camp. Perhaps the best thing about living in the Age of Everything is the abundance of choices. Kids dig choices more than anything else, simply because the …

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Celebrating Canada Day with Virtual Style and a Veritable 25% Off Sale

Canada, we dig you. As continental stepsiblings go, you’re the greatest a country could ask for. You never raid our closets without asking permission, you’re naturally attractive and always willing to provide a muse for many a fabulous writer, and your friends are some of the nicest people we’ve met to date. Despite your astounding physical prominence, you’re quite demure. …

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Take 25% Off Rococo Removable Chalkboard During Our Mother's Day Sale

Scoot over, Memorial Day. We think of Mother’s Day as the unofficial kickoff to summer around here. At their bests, mothers are like a Saturday afternoon in July – warm and embracing, dedicated but flexible, and often bearing sweet surprises. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the summery nature of our dear mothers, but is one festive day …

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Meet the Chalkasaurus: A Vegetarian Dinosaur Guaranteed to Stick Around

You never forget your first dinosaur! Mine was Dino Flintstone, the domesticated Rockasaurus who lives with Fred and Wilma Flintstone. In the episode where Fred first met Dino in the wild, the friendly creature could talk — but strangely his eloquence completely disappeared by the next show. My children were first enchanted by the ubiquitous purple Barney (“I Love You, …

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Design Solutions in New Canaan is One Stylish Home Decor Store

There’s nothing better than spotting the result of your small business’s blood, sweat, and tears (that sounds yucky… if only “chocolate, Twizzlers, and jelly beans” called to mind images of hard work…) decorating the walls of a local home decor store. If you love great design and the head rush a fabulous all-in-one home store can evoke, check out Design …

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Decorating for Valentine's Day Can Be Loveable All Year Long

When was the last time you practiced crafting a perfectly shaped heart with a folded piece of red construction paper and a pair of scissors? For me, it had been a while until this week, when I realized that heart-crafting is a skill that should – nay, must – be passed on from generation to generation. I gathered the appropriate …

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New Year, New Wall Decal Designs

December’s end calls for positive thinking. As the holiday tunes disappear from your local radio stations, visiting family members and friends return home to their busy schedules, and your trees and wreaths transition from living room to compost heap, it’s important to do what it takes to stay healthy and happy. We find the post-holiday season especially challenging because our …

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