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Creating a New Face For Your Small Space

This weekend a friend visiting from LA walked into my apartment, and upon seeing it for the first time exclaimed, “Oh! It’s big for a studio!” The greatest compliment she could muster as one with multiple rooms and a backyard to boot. Apartment living certainly has its merits – spring cleaning never takes more than a day, and thanks to …

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Decorating Your Dorm Room with Style To Go!

Is there anything more drab than a dorm room on the first day of school? Those cinderblock walls, painted dull white can get even the brightest student down. No one wants to spend a lot of hard earned money on a room they’ll only call home for ten months, but that’s no reason to make yourself feel like your living …

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Extreme Decorating: Expressing Your Passion for Breakfast Cereal

(Note: “Extreme Decorating” is an ongoing series in which WallCandy Dad goes beyond removable wall decals and explores unusual and over-the-top decorating ideas tried in homes, restaurants, hotels, businesses, tourist destinations and public spaces. We all get decoration inspiration from different places, as it is a reflection of our tastes and personalities). Since the Dawn of Supermarket Civilization, cereal boxes …

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A Peel-and-Stick Gift Guide to Soothing Those Back-to-School Blues

Time and time again, we’ve found that the only antidotes against the end-of-August blues are back-to-school supplies or, if college is the destination, back-to-school supplies underneath a mountain of fresh dorm room décor. Summer camp is over and sleeping in day after day might be a thing of the past, but little learners and undergrads alike can get a hearty …

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10 Great Holiday Gifts Under $50

Christmas Day is only two weeks away, but your shopping list isn’t getting any shorter. Between your kids, relatives, friends, and the lucky colleague whose name you picked from the Secret Santa bowl, there are probably still a few handfuls of folks you’d like to surprise with a little something special this year. ‘Tis the season to feel elfish, right? …

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Decorating a Dorm Room with Removable, Reusable Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Inhabitants of even the swankiest campus dorm rooms agree – at first, those cinder block walls can be daunting. The wall color is typically an economical eggshell with a dingy yellow tinge, and you don’t have to be a talented interior decorator or celebrated psychologist to know that a week spent with such an icky color can be draining. The …

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Warm Up Your Decor with Summer Shades, Shapes, and Wall Decals

This week, it’s supposed to reach the 60-degree mark on the official New York City thermometer. Lately, I’ve been wondering about that thermometer. I’m not sure where it’s kept, what it looks like (cartoonish oversized novelty thermometer, or electronic wonder small enough to fit inside a button?), or who’s in charge of checking it, but I hope he or she …

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What's Stickier Than Helicopter Parents? Wall Decals!

We all know so-called “helicopter parents,” those overprotective moms and dads who hover over their children on playgrounds like they are Secret Service agents. And who are afraid to let their kids make mistakes on even the most rudimentary levels. According to the New York Times, helicopter parents are now hovering over college campuses, too — some refusing to leave …

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Instant Gratification: Polaroid-Style Frame Decals

I’m old enough to remember shaking blank Polaroid photos to try to speed up their developing, which was like watching a picture fade in reverse. Shaking them was as effective as tapping your feet to make a long line move faster. And I’m delighted to discover that old-style Polaroid film has been brought back from the dead in the Digital …

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