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10 Great Holiday Gifts Under $50

Christmas Day is only two weeks away, but your shopping list isn’t getting any shorter. Between your kids, relatives, friends, and the lucky colleague whose name you picked from the Secret Santa bowl, there are probably still a few handfuls of folks you’d like to surprise with a little something special this year. ‘Tis the season to feel elfish, right? …

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Wall Stickers to Help You Decorate for Fall

In some parts of the country, the Changing of the Leaves has officially begun. While we’ve never officially been “leafers” – the moniker assigned to folks who travel specifically to peep the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows at the height of an area’s foliage season – we admire the leafer culture and how nicely tourism boards support such an active …

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BRIGHT BULBS – Night Light wall decals glow beyond energy debate!

Not sure if you’ve been following the ugly light bulb debate in Congress, but there’s been a huge fight over whether Americans should be using traditional incandescent light bulbs (the ones we’ve been seemingly using forever) or more energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. The former are much cheaper than the latter, but don’t last as long. Critics of the new efficient …

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