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Earth Day 2013 – Hoping Nature's Gifts Will "Stick" Around for Generations

Happy 44th Earth Day! Obviously, our planet is billions of years older, but the mainstream environmentalist movement is still pretty young. Inspired by a horrific oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-Wisc.) and U.S. Rep. Pete McCloskey (R-Calif. ) teamed up in 1970 to promote a “national teach-in” on the environment with dozens …

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Wall Stickers to Help You Decorate for Fall

In some parts of the country, the Changing of the Leaves has officially begun. While we’ve never officially been “leafers” – the moniker assigned to folks who travel specifically to peep the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows at the height of an area’s foliage season – we admire the leafer culture and how nicely tourism boards support such an active …

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3 Ideas for Apple-Inspired Wall Decals

WallCandy Arts loves apple season. Our kids are crazy about apple slices, apple cider, apple-based desserts, and afternoon trips to the orchard (here in New York, you can’t throw an apple between Buffalo and Staten Island without hitting an orchard). We’re happy with the apple love around our houses because, no matter which variety we choose, apples are a golden …

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Football is Back and Life is Good

IT’S BACK!!!! After the sports drought of summer for gridiron fans, pro football and college football come back each fall to save us from despair just in the nick of time. With so many teams to follow – Penn State, USC, Alabama, Titans, Chargers, Ravens – I’m always challenged to get organized and keep track of what team is playing, …

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Baseball is Berry Berry Good to Me

Major League Baseball is entering the final crunch toward the World Series and you need to get those brackets up and running. There’s no better way to keep track than by using Wallcandy Arts peel and stick whiteboard or chalkboard wall decals. They’re large and can be removed easily and taken to the office to put on the wall near …

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Homemade Ice Cream Recipes for Planning Summer Dessert Socials

When I was a kid just old enough to navigate the dry goods in our pantry, my favorite game to play was Pretend Restaurant. My patrons (sisters) ordered spaghetti and steak, so I served them cereal and marshmallows. My middle sister, who is now a chef, liked to feign outrage, become unruly, and refuse to leave without taking an irritating …

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Toast the Royal Wedding with Hip Housewares and a Fairytale Sale

With Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton only one day away, Royal Wedding Fever is at its most contagious. If you find yourself scowling at your spouse’s sudden obsession with E!, your dental hygienist’s plan to host a WilliKate lookalike party, or your cubicle neighbor’s suspicious new accent, just breathe and remember it’s perfectly natural to find the British monarchy …

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Surprise Wall Decals and Other Inexpensive Ideas to Boost Bunk Décor and Sleepaway Camp Experiences

We weren’t Girl Scouts, but my sisters and I once found ourselves 50 miles from our home in Smyrna, Tennessee, at an official Girl Scout sleepaway camp. We were outsiders unfamiliar with the creeds, songs, and preexisting friendships. (The cookies, we knew.) Our father, bless his little pea-pickin’ heart, would’ve been fine with only his toothbrush and a pair of …

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Warm Up Your Decor with Summer Shades, Shapes, and Wall Decals

This week, it’s supposed to reach the 60-degree mark on the official New York City thermometer. Lately, I’ve been wondering about that thermometer. I’m not sure where it’s kept, what it looks like (cartoonish oversized novelty thermometer, or electronic wonder small enough to fit inside a button?), or who’s in charge of checking it, but I hope he or she …

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