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Tetris Costume

It’s Dress Up Time Again: 6 Really Clever Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

For preschoolers and even preteens, costumes are a year-round thing. Everyday can be Dress Up Day. But Halloween still retains its magic allure for the One Day of the Year You Can Be Anyone or Anything. As any parent of girls knows, commercially available costume choices are becoming more provocative and inappropriate every year, as this New York Daily News …

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Halloween Pumpkin Jack O Lanterns Wall Decals Stickers

Not-So-Extreme Decorating: 5 Halloween Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

(Note: “Extreme Decorating” is an ongoing series in which WallCandy Dad goes beyond removable wall stickers or reusable wall decals and explores unusual decorating ideas tried in homes, restaurants, hotels, businesses, tourist destinations and public spaces. We all get decoration inspiration from different places, as it is a reflection of our tastes and personalities. In this fun twist to our …

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Pumpkin Carving Bbc Dave Finkle

Expert Jack-O-Lantern Tips: How to Maximize Your Halloween Creativity

We’re coming down to the final stretch. That giant candy bowl has come out of the closet. We’re trying our best not to eat too many “Fun Size” candies before they are distributed to their rightful costumed owners. And… there’s only a few precious days left to put the final touches on your Halloween decorations. Right now is the ideal …

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Pet Halloween Cat Nail Caps

Party Animals: Do You Dress Up Your Cats or Dogs for Halloween?

This is the time of year when I always feel sorry for my neighbor’s dog. So far, I’ve seen the tiny shaggy white pooch get his hair dyed Goblin Green and Pumpkin Orange, fashion statements for which I suspect the dog had no veto power. If you want to overdose your pet in cuteness, a costume seems like a much …

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Extreme Halloween Decorating vs. Casual Celebratory Stickerating

Halloween is not a holiday of moderation. It’s a time when we encourage our kids to gorge themselves on too much candy and when we stuff our yards with fake gravestones, jack-o-lantern shrines and inflatable Frankensteins. That is unless you live in one of those condo complexes that regulate the colors of your mailbox. In the small French village of …

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Pumpkin Carving Without Blood or Guts: Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Wall Stickers

When I was a kid, there were no “Pumpkin Carving Kits,” just Dad, a steak knife and a black Magic Marker. We were thrilled with cutting out triangles and circles and almost always gave our Jack-O-Lanterns poor dental habits — letting them have three teeth at the very most! These days, the artistic stakes and expectations are much higher — …

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