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New Design: Sometimes you just need a pity party

Ever feel like you have just had enough? Like all you want to do is sit around, eat a gallon of chocolate ice cream and throw yourself a pity party? For $36 on you can; and you can even invite your friends. Deck your walls with dejection with these new pity party wall decals from WallCandy Arts. There is even a …

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A Peel-and-Stick Gift Guide to Soothing Those Back-to-School Blues

Time and time again, we’ve found that the only antidotes against the end-of-August blues are back-to-school supplies or, if college is the destination, back-to-school supplies underneath a mountain of fresh dorm room décor. Summer camp is over and sleeping in day after day might be a thing of the past, but little learners and undergrads alike can get a hearty …

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Cupcakes on Demand: The Sweetest Wall Decals You Can Almost Taste

Based on all the gourmet cake and cupcake bakeries popping up in reality TV shows and our neighborhoods, it was only a matter of time before there was a 24-hour Cupcake ATM! CNN just featured the latest innovation from Sprinkles Cupcakes, which boasts it was the originator of the world’s first cupcake bakery in 2005. Sprinkles, which has 10 high-profile …

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Design Solutions in New Canaan is One Stylish Home Decor Store

There’s nothing better than spotting the result of your small business’s blood, sweat, and tears (that sounds yucky… if only “chocolate, Twizzlers, and jelly beans” called to mind images of hard work…) decorating the walls of a local home decor store. If you love great design and the head rush a fabulous all-in-one home store can evoke, check out Design …

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rising to the occasion: hot air balloon wall stickers encourage young adventurers

Here’s the ultimate WallCandy theme for a nursery, playroom or bedroom if you don’t want to go too girly (Princess Wall Decals) or too boyey (Rush Hour Cars). I love that word “boyey!” Our Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals will channel your child’s imagination, sense of adventure, and hey, there’s no prettier way to travel — is there? I personally …

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celebrating the world's tallest buildings — and their wall decal twins

So many of us have noticed the silly practice of hotels, apartment buildings and other high-rises skipping over the 13th floor — just jumping from 12 to 14 as if it were possible to simply eliminate Number 13 to calm superstitious nerves. This practice is an extremely slippery slope as any staircase shorter than 13 steps means you’ll be staying …

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The Newest (and Cutest) Trend in Nursery Design: Balloon Animals

Think about the last time you were in the quirky company of a balloon artist. The sun was shining, its reflection dull on the balloon’s cloudy colored latex. You and a few other adults were munching on tofu pups with mustard and your kids watched in awe as someone dressed in full half-clown-half-magician garb breathed life into a long balloon, …

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Wall Sticker Royalty: What do Princesses do once the wedding is over?

So remember the hoopla surrounding the Royal Wedding?  You know, when we were bombarded with 24/7 coverage about what Kate and Pippa were wearing, what kind of china they’d be eating off, who made their shoes, and what kind of shampoo the princess used on her gorgeous locks? Much like our own weddings, the time zaps by in an instant.  …

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Decorating for Valentine's Day Can Be Loveable All Year Long

When was the last time you practiced crafting a perfectly shaped heart with a folded piece of red construction paper and a pair of scissors? For me, it had been a while until this week, when I realized that heart-crafting is a skill that should – nay, must – be passed on from generation to generation. I gathered the appropriate …

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