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Creating a New Face For Your Small Space

This weekend a friend visiting from LA walked into my apartment, and upon seeing it for the first time exclaimed, “Oh! It’s big for a studio!” The greatest compliment she could muster as one with multiple rooms and a backyard to boot. Apartment living certainly has its merits – spring cleaning never takes more than a day, and thanks to …

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Mustache Championships Montage

Facial Hair as Decoration: Mustache Art

Mustaches have never really gone out of style, but right now they are hot. There are mustache pacifiers for babies (called “Mustachifiers“) and mustache jewelry. There’s even a “Celebrities With Mustaches” blog devoted to Photoshop facial hair on famous female personalities such as Keira Knightly, Zooey Deschanel and Princess Kate Middleton. At WallCandy Arts, we’re obviously smitten by the design …

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Earth Day 2013 – Hoping Nature's Gifts Will "Stick" Around for Generations

Happy 44th Earth Day! Obviously, our planet is billions of years older, but the mainstream environmentalist movement is still pretty young. Inspired by a horrific oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-Wisc.) and U.S. Rep. Pete McCloskey (R-Calif. ) teamed up in 1970 to promote a “national teach-in” on the environment with dozens …

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Wake Up And Smell The Flowers: Wall Decals Can Make It Feel Like Spring

For those of us who live in the northern part of the U.S. or in Canada, it seems like Spring is eons away — and not the quick few weeks to reach the official astronomical date of March 20. While we’re waiting for the snow, slush and frozen rain to disappear, there are a few simple ways to speed up …

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Valentine's Day reminds us how boys and girls are different (as if we needed a reminder)

We’ve explored gender identity in kids before in this blog, particularly how most girls naturally gravitate to princesses and most boys love cars and trucks no matter how hard the sociologists try to prove otherwise. There are exceptions to every rule, of course, and many toys/themes appeal to both sides of the aisle. That being said, there are perhaps no …

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Mustache Mania: Six hairy decorations to celebrate "Movember"

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Kalyan Ramji Sain of India, had grown his mustache to 133.4 inches long in 1993. We don’t proclaim to be fashion experts, but we think that Kalyan would look a little cuter with a slightly shorter ‘stache. November, of course, is the ideal time to rejoice over facial hair. The annual “Movember” …

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5 Ideas for Decorating with Glue-Free Removable Wallpaper for Apartments

If you are or have ever been part of the world’s expansive community of apartment-renters, you’ve probably experienced Moving Day’s tense last hour. What stands between you and your deposit check’s sweet merciful bounty can be as simple as a moldy fridge and as complicated as total glue devastation beneath that irresistible foil-printed wallpaper now in shreds on the floor. …

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Let your kids channel their inner monsters with removable wallpaper

So you think it’s too early for Halloween decorations?  Tell that to your local retailers, some of whom started to peddle sacks of Candy Corn late this summer. But my experience suggests that Monsters are a 365-days-a-year thing. When I was a kid, I had a glow-in-the-dark Monster Convention poster tacked to the back of my door.  It was a …

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A Peel-and-Stick Gift Guide to Soothing Those Back-to-School Blues

Time and time again, we’ve found that the only antidotes against the end-of-August blues are back-to-school supplies or, if college is the destination, back-to-school supplies underneath a mountain of fresh dorm room décor. Summer camp is over and sleeping in day after day might be a thing of the past, but little learners and undergrads alike can get a hearty …

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