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Baseball is Berry Berry Good to Me

Major League Baseball is entering the final crunch toward the World Series and you need to get those brackets up and running. There’s no better way to keep track than by using Wallcandy Arts peel and stick whiteboard or chalkboard wall decals. They’re large and can be removed easily and taken to the office to put on the wall near …

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How to Decorate a Nursery Using Destination Inspiration

We were pretty stoked to see a WallCandy® design in the Fall 2011 edition of Pregnancy & Newborn Buyer’s Guide. The magazine featured our peel-and-stick frames wall decals in a spread suggesting a few ideas for holding a couples-friendly baby shower that doesn’t overdo it on the baby pinks and blues. Frames are truly among our favorite removable, reusable wall …

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Surprise Wall Decals and Other Inexpensive Ideas to Boost Bunk Décor and Sleepaway Camp Experiences

We weren’t Girl Scouts, but my sisters and I once found ourselves 50 miles from our home in Smyrna, Tennessee, at an official Girl Scout sleepaway camp. We were outsiders unfamiliar with the creeds, songs, and preexisting friendships. (The cookies, we knew.) Our father, bless his little pea-pickin’ heart, would’ve been fine with only his toothbrush and a pair of …

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Handy Wall Stickers Support a Manageable 2011 To-Do List

Today, I finally finalized my list of five New Year’s resolutions. (Stop procrastinating? Not on the list. Never, ever on the list.) I know what you’re thinking – ugh, more resolutions – but this list is a bit different. It took so long to come up with a final draft because I wanted it to be realistic instead of gut-wrenching, …

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Instant Gratification: Polaroid-Style Frame Decals

I’m old enough to remember shaking blank Polaroid photos to try to speed up their developing, which was like watching a picture fade in reverse. Shaking them was as effective as tapping your feet to make a long line move faster. And I’m delighted to discover that old-style Polaroid film has been brought back from the dead in the Digital …

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