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It’s Dress Up Time Again: 6 Really Clever Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

For preschoolers and even preteens, costumes are a year-round thing. Everyday can be Dress Up Day. But Halloween still retains its magic allure for the One Day of the Year You Can Be Anyone or Anything. As any parent of girls knows, commercially available costume choices are becoming more provocative and inappropriate every year, as this New York Daily News story documents.

The good news? You can go Old School and make your own Halloween costumes with fabric, scissors, glue and cardboard. One of my favorite costumes as a kid was a cardboard and tinfoil robot made from a refrigerator box. I’m very grateful it didn’t rain that night because it would have turned into a soggy mush.

A Halloween costume need not be witty or clever — it only has to make the person wearing it happy. But here are some really fun and creative outfits that I found particularly amusing:

1. Spelling Bees



This cute family of spelling bees were actually protestors at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C., but they definitely have that Halloween vibe. Representing the American Literacy Council, the costumed cuties were making the point that the English language is filled with inconsistencies and that we should all use the phonetic spellings instead. You need not make a political point with your bee costume — how about using some of the champions’ winning words?

2. World Landmarks



Most Halloween costumes naturally gravitate to people or animals, so it’s refreshing to see a few pieces of architecture in the mix. The folks at, which archives more than 20,000 examples of costumes NOT available in stores, found this adorable Eiffel Tower girl ready to turn her street into downtown Paris.

3. Famous Movie Characters



Tom Hanks’ marooned plane crash survivor, “Chuck,” from the movie “Castaway” and his handprint volleyball pal “Wilson” are popular characters for couples’ costumes, according to the Costume Works Halloween blog. The couple pictured above is from Hawaii and they joke that “sometimes we feel we are stuck on an island, too.” A quick Google image search shows the creativity range for this costume choice. Some women have designed their own Wilson-themed dresses, while others have dressed their baby as the Fed Ex package.  Of course, any favorite movie will do — the Boston Bruins recently charmed kids at Children’s Hospital by dressing as the cast of Disney’s Frozen!

4. Litter Bugs



In Parenting Magazine’s slideshow of “75 Cute Homemade Toddler Halloween Costumes,” I stumbled across this environmentalist gem using real trash to turn a little girl into a Litter Bug. It is highly advised that you wash your trash first before coating your child in sticky soda residue or potato chip crumbs.

5. Tetris Blocks



Using just cardboard boxes, paint and duct tape, this bunch of video game enthusiasts recently turned themselves into the geometric puzzle blocks from Tetris. You can download their step by step instructions at Instructables.

6. Famous Works of Art


(Source: WallCandy Dad)

I proudly take credit for making this Mona Lisa costume, which is not really meant to be one-size-fits-all. All it took was purchasing a Mona Lisa poster online, mounting it on foam core and then carefully cutting out the hole for the head. The frame was taken from a cheap framed print at one of those home furnishing stores. Total cost of this costume was under $25.

Bonus Photo Backdrop


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(What’s the most clever or fun homemade costume that you or your children have worn for Halloween? Please share your pics and memories on the WallCandy Facebook page or on the WallCandy Pinterest Boards!)


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