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Make This Columbus Day Your Best Adventure Yet

Columbus Day is just around the corner, which can mean a full day at home with the little ones. This year, rather than try to brave the school’s-out crowds, why not plan a day that is relaxing and educational?

Share the meaning of the holiday with your kids, with a fun and crafty day at home. Columbus Day is about exploration, so turn your living room or basement into a place for expedition and adventure. Get these fun sailboat wall decals and let your kids decorate the room.  Make some newspaper sailor hats, and then take to the high seas. While they explore, share with them some fun facts about Christopher Columbus and other explorers that helped to discover the Americas. Sing nautical songs and find a great kids book or two to read about exploration.

Adventure doesn’t end on land though! After you explore the deep sea, take to the skies in hot air balloons. Get out your homemade telescopes and see what you can spot on land. If the gang is feeling tired, take a lunch break while watching Up!

Finally, take your kids on the ultimate expedition to the far reaches of our galaxy with these fun space decals. Share with them the story of Americans landing on the moon, and see if they can remember all of the planet names in order.

By the time the school day ends your kids will have traveled from land to sea to the moon and back again, and will have had one of the most educational and fun Columbus Day’s yet!


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