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Not-So-Extreme Decorating: 5 Halloween Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Source: Happy Hauntings Tumblr

(Source: Happy Hauntings Tumblr)

(Note: “Extreme Decorating” is an ongoing series in which WallCandy Dad goes beyond removable wall stickers or reusable wall decals and explores unusual decorating ideas tried in homes, restaurants, hotels, businesses, tourist destinations and public spaces. We all get decoration inspiration from different places, as it is a reflection of our tastes and personalities. In this fun twist to our theme, we’re exploring how NOT to go overboard on October 31st!)

Take a look at the photo of the Jack-O-Lantern House above. It was posted by someone nicknamed “Halloweenaholics” on their Tumblr site with no additional information. It doesn’t matter where this house actually is, because there are most likely a dozen homes like this on your Trick-or-Treat route. Some people get pumpkin envy on Halloween and try to outdo the neighbors. Other folks, such as these horror movie buffs in Minnesota, try to go to extremes to frighten visitors.

Transforming your entire home and yard into a Halloween playground can certainly be a fun endeavor, but many of us don’t have the time or money to go crazy. In that spirit, we combed the Internet to find a few clever but affordable decorations that the costumed kiddies will still be talking about the next morning:

1. Crazy Window Silhouettes

(Source: This Old House Magazine/

(Source: This Old House Magazine/

With a roll of heavy black paper, a white wax pencil and an X-Acto knife, there’s no creepy shadow beyond your reach. You can trace actual people in crazy poses or opt to trace This Old House Magazine’s easy-to-use templates. Here’s the blueprints for the “Drill Headache,” which is the disturbed gentleman on the right.

2. Radiant Holiday Light Pumpkins

(This Old House Magazine/

(Source: This Old House Magazine/

Hollow out the bottom of a pumpkin, drill holes in your favorite pattern — perhaps using the same tool from the “Drill Headache” guy above — and then let a string of white or colored holiday lights play peek-a-boo out the holes!

3. Franken-Doors

(Source: Pinterest via Cindy Rochelle)

(Source: Pinterest via Cindy Rochelle)

There’s an entire Pinterest board devoted to Halloween front doors that proves you don’t need to get fancy to achieve a festive effect. The Frankenstein tribute above only required some crepe paper streamers, paper plates and masking tape!

4. Haunted “Antique” Mirrors



HGTV reveals how to instantly transform a brand new mirror into a ghostly haunted antique one. The secret is coating the surface with acetone and striking a match. This craft project requires safety glasses, leather gloves and plenty of open driveway space. Although this is definitely not an activity for the kids, they will surely appreciate the spooky results!

5. Spooky Un-Welcome Mats

(Source: DIY Network)

(Source: Susan Teare/DIY Network)

Nearly everyone has a small carpet remnant roll in their attic, basement or garage — hoping to use it for something someday. At last, there’s a practical use. A little imagination and some paint can turn any piece of rug into a fun welcome mat for Trick-or-Treaters to wipe their cute little feet.

BONUS PICK: Design Your Own Jack-O-Lantern

WallCandy's Removable Halloween Wall Decals (Click for more info)

WallCandy’s Removable Halloween Wall Decals (Click for more info)

At the dinner table, my wife avoids squash at all costs. Not surprisingly, the gushy gooey interior of pumpkins is also a major turnoff for her. No doubt, there are many others who appreciate the aesthetic of Jack-o-Lanterns but want nothing to do with the inner guts. That’s only one of the benefits of WallCandy’s removable Jack-o-Lantern Wall Stickers. They also require no knives or adult supervision, are easy to clean up, and provide year-round creativity long after the last real pumpkin has withered away.

As our way to celebrate Halloween with you, we’re offering all WallCandy customers 15 percent off everything in our wall sticker, removable chalkboard and temporary wallpaper collections. Just use the sale code “spooky15″ until midnight on October 31. Don’t forget to check out our other fun Halloween designs in our Holiday section!

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